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Morn CO2 laser marking machine MT-CO2-50



Co2 RF Laser Marking machine is integrated advanced Galvo laser marking technology with imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser and high speed optical scanners which has ensured it work continuously and stablely within long time work.

Co2 RF laser marking machine is a kind of gas laser device, with large power and high E/O slew rate.The laser wavelength is 10.64μm, which belong to intermediate infrared. The accuracy of its marking on the surface of the workpiece can be maximally ensured through the non-contact processing.

Applicable materials:

specially for various industries,such as leather, agricultural products, With a shell of water products,carton, Bottle and other nonmetal and living animals.

The marking content could be varied,including Personal image and graph,logo, Serial Number, effective date, batch number, frequency, manufacturers name, and other graphics and text marking.


Adopt Carbon dioxide laser glass, post-focusinglifting platform.

Friendly operating software running on WINDOWS system, compatible with AUTOCADCORELDRAWPHOTOSHOP and other softerware,and it could support the format of PLT, BMP, DXF PCWBMP etc.

Technical parameters:

Max.Outout Power


Laser Wavelength


Repetition Frequency


Standard Marking Scope

100mm 140mm 175mm 200mm 300mm (optical)

Marking Depth


Marking speed


Min.Line Width




Repetition Precision


Machine power


Electric Power Demand

220V/Single Phase/50Hz/8A

Optical-Path System Size


Controlling Size


Cooling System

Air Cooling



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