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CO2 laser marking machine application in leather carving

CO2 laser marking machine, laser equipment used in the application of hollow carved many shoes vamp leather uppers are very popular style, whether it is men's shoes are very common.

Now a lot of leather shoe uppers are very popular with the laser device hollow carved, regardless of men's shoes are very common. CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for leather, paper and other non-metallic sculpture, carved surface tidy no off-line, incision is perfect, so the leather carved it must go to him. Brand shoes using laser technology carved and hollowed out pattern, like eSports pen, not only more grade, but also more taste,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

Leather laser engraving machine with high speed motor drive, running more stable, higher accuracy. Novel design, easy to use high quality laser cooling water machine for laser output power stability, guarantee. The DSP control software, high stability, easy operation. Electric lifting platform (optional), leather processing laser engraving machine suitable for different thickness of material. Stable structure, humanized design, convenient operation and maintenance. With the complexity of cutting process is strengthened, the traditional manual cutting and mechanical process, due to the restriction of equipment and technology, the workpiece cutting precision low and influence the quality of the products in the certain degree, moreover affects economic benefit. Beyond the laser is based on the actual trades, on the basis of the laser energy density, easy operation, based on years of production of laser equipment successfully developed a new generation of XP system in the high speed leather laser engraving machine. The wide range of materials processing equipment, cutting edge smooth and burr free, free polishing, no noise, dust free, fast processing speed, high precision, high efficiency, less waste, is the best choice for various industries and upgrading of.

CO2 laser marking machine for instructions
In the non metal marking to market at present is used in CO2 laser marking machine, old-fashioned marking machine is no longer meet the needs of social development, the most widely used is the CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine 3 laser marking machine equipment. CO2 laser marking machine marking longer service life, the operation is more safe, more can adapt to the requirements of industrial production. No matter what equipment only by fully understanding and control of, take full advantage of the use of good. The following summary Xuhua laser introduce CO2 laser marking machine. Belong to the four class of laser products, marking machine must avoid laser beam directly or indirectly reflecting human eyes or skin boot in CO2 laser, at the same time to workers and child restraint not to close or contact laser marking machine, in order to avoid unnecessary harm.

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine which has different voltage, when the equipment failure, should immediately stop using, by professional personnel or equipment suppliers and authorized personnel to repair, do not do not understand the case of disassemble.

CO2 laser marking machine use the machine to ensure a good grounding, can prevent electrostatic interference and prevent electrostatic damage caused by electrical appliance. 1, carbon dioxide laser marking machine equipment should be market keep clean and tidy, because the equipment is started using the equipment is caused by temperature, only the equipment temperature can be smooth cooling, in order to ensure smooth production process.

2, in the circumstance, the power plug staff cannot be charged equipment above and the interface line, otherwise it may cause damage to the CO2 laser marking machine equipment or computer.

3, the optical components are plated with the film, hard contact cleaning shall not be cleaned, in order to prevent scratch the lens surface.

4, the normal operation of the equipment should guarantee the closed shell. Equipment to normal use. Attention to the above 4 big appropriate, proper use of CO2 laser marking machine, ensure the safety of use, guarantee the production quality, production efficiency, guarantee the service life of equipment,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.