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Why metal laser cutting machine in mechanical processing enterprises is so popular

Metal cutting is a process is important in mechanical processing, many enterprises in the process of metal cutting are very much attention, especially in the choice of cutting equipment is very cautious. Modern metal cutting equipment has many kinds, the newly developed metal laser cutting machine is a special cutting device for cutting sheet metal, why metal laser cutting machine so popular? To everybody below analysis introduction,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

What is the principle of cutting metal laser cutting machine?
Metal laser cutting machine principle is to use laser beam. The laser is gathered into a very small diameter of the laser beam, thus to achieve a very high power source of high density, the high heat source heating the materials and gasification, thereby generating a small evaporation. Then began moving beam, beam edge mobile lifted its material will follow to reach the purpose of cutting the gasification, at the same time, because the impact is small so the material will not deform and damage.

What are the characteristics of metal laser cutting sheet metal?
Metal laser cutting machine but also because of its no burr, no fold, high processing precision, but also has many mechanical and electrical manufacturing industries like. CNC laser cutting because of its precision micro operation so it can cut different shape and size is very convenient material.

Metal laser cutting process have?

1, the oxidation fusion cutting: melting cutting using inert gas, if replaced by oxygen or other gas, material is light in the laser beam irradiation, chemical reaction fierce generates another heat and oxygen, says cutting as oxidizing melting.

2, control faults cutting: for brittle materials easy to heat damage, cutting speed, through the control of the laser beam heating, said cutting to control fracture. The cutting process is main content: small area laser beam heating of brittle material, the thermal gradient in the region caused by large and severe mechanical deformation, resulting in material crack formation. As long as the heating gradient equilibrium, the laser beam can guide the cracks in any direction.

3, vaporization: in the high power density laser beam heating, the surface temperature rose to the boiling temperature of the speed is so fast, to avoid melting caused by heat conduction, so part of the material vaporized into steam disappeared, some material as ejecta from the kerf bottom is the auxiliary gas flow blown away,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

4, fusion cutting: when the laser beam power density of the incident more than a certain value, beam point material internal open mom evaporation, pore formation. Once the keyhole formation, it will serve as the absorption of the incident beam energy all black. Small holes are surrounded by molten metal wall, then, and the auxiliary air beam coaxial take the molten material around the void. With the movement of the workpiece, cutting holes in the direction of synchronous sliding form a slit. The laser beam to continue along the seam front irradiation, melting material continuous or pulsed blown away from the seam.

Metal laser cutting machine is the best equipment for sheet metal cutting
Now the rapid development of high-tech, very sharp is not what happens, God for sheet metal cutting processing -- metal laser cutting machine.

Cutting metal, speed metal laser cutting machine
Metal laser cutting machine is by laser irradiation of high density of metal surface, the molten metal temperature reached quickly, then groove is formed on the metal surface. To finish the process of time is very short, then the linear moving through a laser beam, can achieve the effect of the cutting. Basically cutting out a complete pattern, only needs a few seconds.

The cutting of metal "quasi metal laser cutting machine"
Metal laser cutting machine is through the computer numerical control operation, so the cutting precision and error above has been calculated very fine. And the metal laser cutting machine cutting metal is used "laser knife", so after cutting, metal cutting surface is very neat, smooth, no burr. For the high demand products is again without the two processing. From this point can see metal laser cutting machine is more "quasi".

The cutting of metal "hard metal laser cutting machine"
Metal laser cutting machine can cut out any graphic patterns, only need to pattern file is input to the computer, cutting machine according to the output signal of the computer, a fast accurate cutting graph, which is now any cutting equipment can not reach to the effect, so that the cutting of metal "hard metal laser cutting machine",the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.